BioChek acquires BIOTECON Diagnostics, creates leading global player in veterinary and food safety solutions

– 23. April 2020 –

BioCheck aquires BIOTECON Diagnostics

BioChek, the specialist company to offer innovative and user-friendly veterinary diagnostic tools, today announced the successful acquisition of BIOTECON Diagnostics, specialised in development and manufacturing of PCR-based solutions for food safety diagnostics.

The merger creates a new, leading global player in veterinary and food safety solutions, targeting mainly the markets of meat, egg, dairy, infant formula, chocolate and beer & beverage. The synergetic product portfolios of both companies create an industry-unique range of services.

“This allows us to offer a complete diagnostic management solution from farm to fork for our customers”, said Barend van Dam, founder and CEO of BioChek, part of the EW Group. “Food safety starts with healthy animals. We are proud that with the acquisition of BIOTECON Diagnostics we can now cover the whole chain, starting with the monitoring of animal health, through management of safe processing to the final consumer product.”

BioChek can now provide cutting-edge technology with a broad portfolio of ELISA tests, qPCR test, extraction kits, robotics and data analysis software. The acquisition is part of the long-term growth strategy.

Dr. Berghof-Jäger, founder and CEO of BIOTECON Diagnostics GmbH, is delighted: “We are excited to be part of BioChek. With BioChek’s global presence we can even better serve and support our customers and further improve our global market position.”

BioChek and BIOTECON Diagnostics have developed a far-reaching concept to strengthen both companies. This also includes comprehensive long-term plans for strong investments in new research and development for innovative products and services. This will enable both companies to offer their customers reliable, customer-oriented services in the long term.