Emerald Badges received for Aspergillus Molds / Microbial Panel 1 in Hemp

– July 2021 –

Emerald Badges received for Aspergillus Molds / Microbial Panel 1 in Hemp

We are pleased to announce that our new foodproof Aspergillus Detection LyoKit received the Emerald Badge for achieving excellence in detecting Aspergillus molds in hemp.

The Emerald Badge™ is a stamp of approval, which is recognized in the US, Canada and internationally within the cannabis industry. It is a biannual inter-laboratory comparison proficiency testing (PT) program specifically designed to serve the needs of the cannabis and hemp industry.

With over 20 years’ experience in real-time PCR, we develop rapid testing solutions to help producers and testing laboratories ensure they provide safe and high-quality cannabis.

We were also awarded the Emerald Badge for Microbial Panel 1 in hemp, which recognized the proficiency of our other kits in the cannabis segment:

As an industry benchmark for proficiency testing in cannabis, these Emerald Badges are a credit to the sensitivity, validity, accuracy, and consistency of our kits for testing cannabis products. Our rapid and advanced DNA extraction methods allow a broad spectrum of cannabis testing on a variety of different matrices including, chocolate, gums, oils, powders, plant material and herbs, among others.

We are constantly striving to develop smart, innovative and efficient real-time PCR assays. This recognition encourages us to continue delivering the best solutions for our customers.

For more information on our cannabis testing solutions, please visit our industry page: Cannabis