Accreditation and Certification


Certification according DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Download: Certificate (pdf – 545 kB)
(Register-No. 90118040)

Akkreditierungsurkunde und Anlage

Accreditation according DIN EN ISO IEC 17025
Proof of competence for testing food, feed, commodities cosmetics, gases, drugs, active ingredients and disinfectants (no medical devices)
Download: Certificate

Proof of competence for testing disinfectants (medical devices)
Download: Certificate

The accreditation is only valid for the processes covered by the accreditation certificates [D-PL-18715-01].

Landesgesundheitsamt Brandenburg

Notification according § 67 AMG (German Pharmaceutical Act)
Download: Certificate (pdf – 239 kB)
(Inspection by State Health Bureau Brandenburg)
Download: GMP-Certificate (pdf – 725 kB)
(Inspection by State Health Bureau Brandenburg)

Permission to handle pathogens
(according § 44ff German Infectious Disease Law)

Permission for genetic work, safety class S1
(Gene Technology Law)

Permission to handle L3**-Pathogens

Permission to work according to animal disease regulation

Manufacturing Licence in accordance with §13 of the German Animal Health Act
Download: Certificate (pdf – 2135 kB)

Responsible Sourcing ethical certified in line with SMETA 4 Pillar