Accreditation and Certification


Certification according DIN EN ISO 9001:2015
Download: Certificate (pdf – 545 kB)
(Register-No. 90118040)

Akkreditierungsurkunde und Anlage

Accreditation according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025
Proof of competence for testing food and feed.
Download: Certificate

The accreditation is only valid for the processes covered by the accreditation certificates [D-PL-18715-01].

Permission to handle pathogens
(according § 44ff German Infectious Disease Law)

Permission for genetic work, safety class S1
(Gene Technology Law)

Permission to handle L3**-Pathogens

Permission to work according to animal disease regulation

Manufacturing License in accordance with §12 of the German Animal Health Act
Download: Certificate (pdf – 2135 kB)

Responsible Sourcing ethical certified in line with SMETA 4 Pillar

Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) and ethical behavior in our supply chain are more than buzzwords to us. Instead, these are integral components of our day to day business operations and our company culture. In addition to the German and European workers protection rules we have integrated the ETI Base Code (Ethical Trade Initiative) and the UN Human Rights into our company code of conduct. Our compliance with these sophisticated codes is confirmed regularly in an SEDEX SMETA 4-Pillar Ethical Audit by an independent, well-respected certification body. Its evaluation is based on employee interviews, visual observations and record reviews. Besides the regulations it also focusses on:

Employees Rights:
  • Working conditions in line with to ETI Base Code and UN Human Rights
  • Flexible and family friendly working hours
  • Fair, respectful interaction, protection against discrimination
  • Warm and friendly working atmosphere /li>
  • Good team spirit
  • Short ways with flat hierarchy and an open-door policy
Health and Safety:
  • Clean, hygienic, quiet and safe work environment
  • Routine employee trainings in occupational safety and emergency prevention
  • Preventive identification and elimination of possible cause of risks
  • Regular safety audits with safety officer
Ethical Supply Chain:
  • Partnership, trust, reliability and sustainability in all business relationships
  • Promotion of corporate social responsibility, respect of UN Human Rights and of ETI Base Code within our supply chain
  • No tolerance in any kind of acceptance of benefits, bribery or corruption
  • Internal rules with respect to corruption and bribery binding for employees
Protection of Environment and of Resources:
  • Low-emission manufacturing and lab services
  • Careful and respectful treatment of our resources (e.g. waste separation, professional waste and sewage disposal)
  • Preservation of listed buildings within a drinking water protection zone
  • Continuous improvements of our processes, e.g. effectiveness of resources usage
  • Our products contribute to detect harmful or fraudulent substances in the food; feed and pharmaceutical supply chain, determine the minimal inhibition concentration of disinfectants and allow the identification of GMO.