Ethical and Environmental Code of Conduct

The administration and employees of BIOTECON Diagnostics follow our Ethical and Environmental Code of Conduct. Our business relationships are based on partnership, trust, reliability and sustainability. We treat our customers, employees and suppliers, as we would like to be treated. We respect the UN human rights (UNGP) and promote the compliance of the ETI Base Code within our supply chain.

Basic Principles

Compliance with All Applicable Laws

  • We comply with applicable laws and act in accordance with European and German environmental and labor protection laws as well as the ETI Base Codes.

Confidentiality and Intellectual Property

  • We respect the intellectual property of others, and use this only with the expressed approval of the owner.
  • We adhere to confidentiality agreements defined with our business partners, and we provide no data to third parties without prior consent.

Health, Safety and Security

  • Our jobs and our equipment meet the high standards of safety, including health and occupational safety. We offer a clean, hygienic work environment. Our staff are regularly trained with regard to applicable duties and codes of conduct.
  • Should an accident occur, appropriate measures are taken to prevent future accidents.
  • Access to adequate sanitation and drinking water is protected at all times.

Child Labor, Forced Labor

  • We strictly prohibit any kind of child labor. We respect the provisions of the Youth Employment Protection Act.
  • We strictly refuse and do not tolerate each type of forced labor, dept bondage and servitude, as well as involuntary prison labor.


  • We are committed not to use questionable methods or unfair means to influence authorities, judicial and/or private parties.
  • We do not tolerate abuse of our responsibility.

Discrimination and Harassment

  • We treat all our staff with dignity and respect, and protect them from any kind of physical, verbal, sexual or psychological harassment, abuse or violence in the workplace by supervisors or colleagues.
  • Any kind of discrimination with regard to race, language, religion, politics, gender, social origin, birth, sexual orientation, illness, age, disability or other category based on actual or perceived belonging will not be tolerated.

Environmental and Safety Aspects

  • We take responsibility for the impact of our actions and base our business decisions on sustainability.
  • It is our goal to minimize disruption to the environment through our business activities as much as possible, including effective use of resources and conservation of natural resources.
  • We separate our trash. Waste as well as waste water is treated and disposed of properly.


  • The Know-How of our employees is an important resource, in which we continue to foster improvement through targeted training and continuing education.

Work-Life balance

  • We write family-friendly in large bold letters because children are the best investment in the future.
  • Therefore, we encourage flexible and family-friendly working time models to attract and keep good workers.

Consumer Protection

  • According to our slogan „For safer food – simply builds up trust“ we enable the market in reliable detecting harmful or fraudulent substances in the food, feed and pharmaceutical supply chain. Our diagnostic products and services support food safety and identification of unwanted genetically modified organisms in the food chain easily.
  • Our vision imagines a world where no one gets sick from food. We contribute by supporting our customers need for innovative safety testing by developing state of the art solutions.