Company Policy

The guiding principle of BIOTECON Diagnostics is the fulfillment of agreed to and expected customer needs. The high quality of our products and services ensures customer satisfaction, efficiency and the lasting existence of our company and its jobs.

The relevant principles of our organizational actions are:

  • maintaining long-term customer satisfaction through impeccable products and optimal service
  • complying with delivery dates
  • employing capable deliverers
  • maintaining comprehensible, clearly structured processes and procedures in production and management
  • guaranteeing the best price-performance ratio by using the latest technologies to secure sustainable competitiveness
  • employing motivated employees with good working conditions and fair pay

In order to ensure these objectives, our company is committed to continuous review and quality policy enhancement. This is being documented since the 2002 introduction of a quality management system according to international standard of DIN EN ISO 9001. The quality of our services has been accredited since 2005 according to DIN EN ISO 17025*.

ISO 9001 Dekra DAR AOAC NordVal MicroVal

* The accreditation is only valid for the processes covered by the accreditation certificates [D-PL-18715-01].