Licensing and Validation

What does fully licensed mean?

Are foodproof® Detection Kits validated?

Safety and Benefits

How is cross-contamination in PCR avoided?

What controls are present in foodproof® Kits?

Is the highest possible specificity according to ISO 20838 guaranteed?

How does BIOTECON Diagnostics distinguish between live and dead bacteria when performing PCR analysis?

Do foodproof® kits detect all desired species or genera while avoiding false-positives from a related species or genus?


At what temperature should I store kits, and how long are they valid?

Must the PCR mix (PCR setup) be performed on ice?

Basics of real-time PCR

Do I need a molecular biologist to perform BIOTECON Diagnostics kits?

What is a melting curve, and what benefits does it provide?

Real-time PCR Cycler Compatibility

Can I use the foodproof® kits on all real-time PCR cyclers?

Practice Questions

Do I need to repeat my positive / negative results for confirmation of real-time PCR results from BIOTECON Diagnostics kits?

How do I dispose of reagents and supplies used for real-time PCR?