Food safety in the meat and poultry industry

– 10. June 2020 –

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Taking care and carrying out precautionary testing is relevant in all aspects of our current lives. As such, our core business of food safety is more important today than it has ever been. With the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been very few industries left unaffected by its implications. Recently, the meat industry has been experiencing some challenges, which have coincided with concerns about the risk of food fraud beginning to increase as a result of the collapse of foodservice. Several closures of meat processing plants and disruptions to others have amounted to various problems including an imbalance between supply and demand.

The importance of testing meats and poultry and the need for greater vigilance will be required by all in the months to come, in order to appease the precarious situation. Our real-time PCR kits play a significant role in ensuring meat and poultry safety.

Our recently launched foodproof® Salmonella Genus plus Enteritidis & Typhimurium Detection LyoKit for example contains all the necessary real-time PCR reagents needed for the fast detection of Salmonella spp., S. Enteritidis and S. Typhimurium DNA. With this new rapid and reliable method to identify pathogens in raw and processed meat, eggs and egg products, as well as environmental samples and animal feed we will be able to help prevent salmonellosis infection outbreaks in humans and animals. The fewer infections there are at the moment, the better it is for everyone, especially during such uncertain and worrying times.

Meanwhile, animal identification and traceability have become all the more important for consumers and manufacturers as instances of meat adulteration have lately made a reappearance in the media. In the event of crises, being able to respond promptly and effectively will set businesses apart from their competition. From farm to fork, achieving traceability and conducting animal species testing is crucial for the quality control of products. Our foodproof® Animal Detection 1 LyoKit is a trusted method for ruling out contamination. It is precise, highly sensitive and rapid in its determination of porcine, bovine and equine DNA (horse, donkey, and zebra species) in one multiplex assay and in less than three hours.

What is needed right now is heightened quality checks, greater authenticity and transparency, allowing food companies to stand out as safe and quality producers. Increasing food testing in the meat and poultry industry during the pandemic will give peace-of-mind when it comes to ensuring meats and processed meats or poultry are not contaminated. By actively taking the right measures, such producers are addressing the needs of customers and ultimately winning their brand loyalty as a result.