The foodproof® Listeria Genus Detection LyoKit: A new and unique method for the detection of all “sensu stricto” Listeria species

– 16. June 2017 –

BIOTECON Diagnostics has developed a unique lyophilized real-time PCR assay for the detection of all the Listeria Genus “sensu stricto” species: the foodproof® Listeria Genus Detection LyoKit. The company additionally provides several DNA extraction kits for all kind of tasks, like the foodproof® StarPrep Two Kit for manual extraction, the foodproof® StarPrep Two 8-Strip Kit for high-throughput manual extraction in deep-well plates or the foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit II for fully automated DNA-extraction with the foodproof RoboPrep Fusion®. To shorten the time for enrichment, BIOTECON Diagnostics has incorporated a rapid Listeria enrichment broth: foodproof Listeria StarBroth. By this combination of products, a safe detection of Listeria Genus and Listeria monocytogenes is now possible in 24 hours in all kind of foods and raw materials. In addition, the ISO 11290 reference broth, ½ Fraser, has been validated as well. The product validation included most relevant food categories like meat, poultry, milk and milk products, fruits and vegetables and environmental samples.

About Listeria “sensu stricto”
Depending on the degree of relationship to the highly pathogenic species Listeria monocytogenes, the genus Listeria can be sub-divided into Listeria sensu stricto species and Listeria sensu lato species. The 6 sensu stricto species including Listeria monocytogenes, share common phenotypic characteristics; whereas the 11 Listeria sensu lato species represent three distinct monophyletic groups, which may warrant recognition as separate genera.
Therefore the new foodproof Listeria Genus Detection LyoKit can be used as a direct indicator of growth of L. monocytogenes.