BIOTECON Diagnostics offers a new and unique system: the foodproof RoboPrep Fusion® as the perfect walk-away solution for combined nucleotide extraction and liquid handling PCR-setup!

– 29. June 2017 –

BIOTECON Diagnostics expands its automation capabilities offering a unique and innovative walk-away liquid handling solution – the foodproof RoboPrep Fusion. The foodproof RoboPrep Fusion is the perfect combination of a precise liquid handling robot with an attached, and highly efficient DNA/RNA extraction system – the KingFisherTM Flex. The system helps to improve the overall lab efficiency and productivity, as it reduces manual interventions during sample preparations procedures for cell lysis, nucleotide extraction and subsequent PCR-setup to a minimum. Initially, the process starts with the addition of lysis buffer and dispension of wash and extraction buffers, utilizing an 8 channel pipetting arm. An additional gripper arm moves all required micro titer plates to the KingFisher module and transfers them – after finishing the extraction procedure – back to the liquid handling deck, finalizing the subsequent real-time PCR setup automatically. The extraction is based on the well approved magnetic beads technology of our foodproof Magnetic Preparation Kits, resulting in highly purified nucleotide acids, ready for subsequent analysis by real-time PCR using our foodproof detection – and quantification Kits. The complete system can process up to 96 samples in one run automatically.

Several fully validated foodproof RoboPrep Fusion protocols are available – e.g. for the analysis of salmonella and listeria – and additional applications are in preparation. Please feel free to ask for more information at any time or pay us a visit to see the system live in action.