Our new kit can detect the three most common GMO-containing plants

– 24. February 2020 –

As a leader in molecular biological testing methods for food and feed stuff, we, at BIOTECON Diagnostics, constantly strive to make the planet a better and safer place. We imagine a world where no one gets sick from the food and drink they consume. When it comes to food containing genetically modified organisms (GMOs), there is still a need for more scientific research to know precisely what the potential human health risks are.

Consumers, in general, are becoming more skeptical about contaminated foods and are raising their concerns specifically about GMOs. Interestingly, GMOs are already rife in many countries, among them the US, Brazil, Argentina, Canada, China, South Africa, Australia, Spain and Germany. Critics fear that genetically engineered products are being rushed to the market before their effects are fully understood. In fact, most Americans probably wouldn’t even realize that they have been eating genetically engineered foods since the mid-1990s.

Not only is there a greater demand from consumers for transparency but our generation is becoming far more health conscious. People actively seek out products that are GMO-free and ideally all-natural and many food producers have taken advantage of this.

Our new foodproof Plant Taxon Screening LyoKit, in relation to this heated discussion, couldn’t have arrived at a better time. The user-friendly lyophilized kit is 100% specific and simplifies your GMO analysis by filtering out the three most common GMO-containing plants, soya, maize and rapeseed. Knowing which plant taxon is present drastically speeds up the subsequent identification / quantification of the specific GMO event in your sample. Moreover, it helps to determine botanical impurities in samples.

As a member of VLOG (German industry Association Food without Genetic Engineering) we are committed to the reliable and accurate analysis of genetically modified plants in food and animal feed. Our new foodproof Plant Taxon Screening LyoKit complements our existing GMO portfolio and boasts numerous benefits including:

  • Rapid detection of soya, maize and rapeseed (Brassicaceae) DNA from raw material, processed food and feed samples
  • Determines precisely what’s in your sample and reduces follow-up analysis time
  • User-friendly lyophilized kit format
  • The assay is compatible with all relevant food matrices like tofu, fruit yoghurt, rice waffles, fat, soya flour and crackers.
  • The new kit can be used in combination with:
  • -our automated extraction solution – the foodproof RoboPrep® 32, significantly simplifying your lab routine by allowing you to analyze up to 32 samples in one run; and
    – the KingFisherTM Flex for up to 96 samples.

While many see great potential in genetically altered products, some see uncertainty, even danger. Amidst the ambiguity, companies seek competitive advantage and are currently faced with the opportunity to market GMO-free foods, which consumers are embracing. Boosting sales is always a concern for producers and is driven by the changes in consumer perceptions in the marketplace. GMO-free, for now, is a very compelling brand attribute that can command a significant premium.