The Beer Safety Experts – because high quality beer deserves high quality control

For over two decades, we have been developing and producing molecular rapid tests for breweries with one goal in mind — ensuring your beer always tastes great.

As the beer safety experts from Germany, we understand the effort and care that goes into brewing. We also get how painstakingly frustrating it is when beer spoilers undesirably change the flavor, aroma, or appearance of your beer. After all, enjoying a great beer is all about positive sensory experiences. Consumers relish the distinctive taste, texture and appearance associated with their favorite beverage. Even the slightest microbial contamination, however, can have an impact on the quality of your beer.

Our trusted products have long been helping breweries worldwide solve this problem. Simple, fast and efficient, our foodproof rapid detection system removes the guess work out of quality control in beer and beverages and makes individual screening for spoilage organisms a thing of the past. With our custom-designed, real-time PCR beer screening kits, 31 of the most important beer-spoiling bacteria are detected in a single PCR reaction. Unlike traditional microbiology that takes days to grow microorganisms on a petri dish, our straight-forward and easy-to-use methods work in all typical sample matrices from breweries and in just a few hours.

Taking the right precautionary measures is pivotal to the brewing process and ultimately the quality and taste of your beer. With our products you can rest assured your beer will always represent the highest quality.

Our foodproof PCR Kits include:

  • foodproof Beer Screening Kit (Hybridization Probes)
  • foodproof Beer Screening LyoKit (5‘Nuclease)
  • foodproof Spoilage Yeast Detection 1 / 2 LyoKit (5‘Nuclease)
  • foodproof Alicyclobacillus Detection Kit (5‘Nuclease)

Worried about allergens? We also offer a variety of innovative ELISA tests for the detection of allergens.

To summarize, here are some of the core benefits:

  • Our foodproof Beer Screening LyoKits detect 31 of the most relevant beer-spoiling bacteria, including Lactobacillus, Pediococcus, Megasphaera and Pectinatus as well as the hop-tolerance genes, horA and horC, in a single PCR reaction.
  • It no longer takes days like in traditional microbial testing methods but literally a few hours until you get the results.
  • Our multiplex detection kits are simple, fast and work in all typical sample matrices from breweries.
  • It will save you money and reduce your lab time by detecting contamination in a matter of hours, before the problem spreads and products need to be recalled.
  • No prior lab experience or dedicated staff are required to run our simple and effective tests.
  • Rapid results allow you to test before you dry hop, pitch or package.

Our long-standing customer base, including some of the largest beverage companies in the world as well as independent craft brewers, is testimony to the fact that our products are the fastest and easiest way to detect beer spoilers in their beverages. In the end, the brewers we deal with are awarded peace-of-mind about the quality of their products so they can carry on about their business as usual.