BIOTECON Diagnostics expands its food safety capabilities offering tailor-made MALDI-Biotyper solutions!

– 4. Juli 2017 –

BIOTECON Diagnostics expands its food safety capabilities: We are happy to unveil an innovative solution for the rapid analysis of unknown microorganisms by MALDI-TOF MS.

In reply to the ever increasing demands for fast and accurate microbial quality controls in food industries, we started a cooperation with Bruker Daltonik in Bremen to distribute MALDI Biotyper systems in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as Eastern European countries. Additionally, we are offering individual MALDI Biotyper extensions, including specialized MALDI reference libraries containing – for example – dairy and milk industry relevant bacterial species.

In the last ten years MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry has revolutionized food safety quality controls and has been established as new microbial identification standard. Due to simple sample preparation protocols, automated data acquisition and stringent post-processing algorithms, the MALDI Biotyper allows for reliable and accurate identification of microorganisms within seconds.

Usually characteristic patterns of abundant cellular components, like ribosomal proteins are matched against a spectral MALDI library of roundabout 8000 reference strains, identifying more than 2600 different species of bacteria, yeasts and molds, inclusive food relevant pathogens and spoilers.

Please feel free to ask for more information about our individual MALDI-TOF MS and MALDI reference library concepts at any time or pay us a visit to see the system live in action.