BIOTECON Diagnostics receives new AOAC® Certification for its foodproof® Vibrio Detection LyoKit, 5’Nuclease

– November 27, 2019 –

We are pleased to announce that our foodproof Vibrio Detection LyoKit, 5’Nuclease in combination with our foodproof StarPrep Three Kit has now received AOAC Performance Tested MethodsSM (PTM) Certification (Certificate No. 061901). The rigorous evaluation, which was conducted with a variety of seafood matrices, including raw oysters, cooked octopus, raw scallops, raw shrimp and raw fish, was found to meet the appropriate standard for its intended use.

“Our core business is to provide food and beverage safety solutions to reduce the risk of individuals becoming sick from foodborne illnesses. This is something we take very seriously and we have made it our mission to help our customers in any way we can to build brand trust and loyalty. With this new AOAC approval, we highlight the reliability and high level performance of our food safety testing methods,” said Alois Schneiderbauer, CBO of BIOTECON Diagnostics.

AOAC approvals are worldwide recognized certificates and have a reputation for the highest standards of excellence and thorough analysis. Such independent assessments give us the assurance we need to continue safeguarding our customers’ businesses and protecting end consumers by providing trusted, reliable testing products to the food and beverage industry.

“We are proud that our assays continue to be recognized by this globally acknowledged agency. This new certification further demonstrates our commitment to producing easy-to-use, rapid, molecular biological solutions that improve lab productivity while achieving outstanding results,” concluded Alois Schneiderbauer.

Our modern molecular solutions for pathogen detection take seafood quality control to a whole new level. Because seafood is such a fundamental and important source of human nutrition, we have developed some of the most advanced and industry-relevant test systems for analyzing fish and seafood products in order to accurately and rapidly detect microorganisms and other parameters.

The Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Vibrio vulnificus and Vibrio cholerae strains are marine, worldwide occurring natural contaminants of fish and seafood, which cause food-associated poisoning and infections. Unlike traditional methods, which are time-consuming and error-prone, our foodproof Vibrio Detection LyoKit allows analysis to be performed in 6 – 24 hours with high sensitivity and 100 % specificity. The kit detects and differentiates all three above-mentioned strains in a single PCR test and additionally determines the presence of the pathogenicity factors, ctx, tdh, trh1 and trh2 by melting curve analysis using sequence-specific 5’Nuclease probes.

About BIOTECON Diagnostics
At BIOTECON Diagnostics, our vision is to constantly strive to make the planet a better and safer place. We imagine a world where no one gets sick from the food and drink they consume.

Situated in Potsdam, Germany, our story began more than 20 years ago, seeking to put an end to foodborne diseases. Today, we have grown to become one of the pioneers in designing products for food and beverage safety excellence. Our team of highly qualified experts from a variety of academic backgrounds excel in providing first-in-class, innovative rapid molecular solutions for DNA/RNA extraction and detection of a wide range of test parameters based on real-time PCR.