foodproof RoboPrep Fusion®

– The versatile instrument for liquid handling with combined automated nucleic acid extraction

Efficiency and reproducibility are the key factors in sample preparation and nucleic acid extraction for molecular food diagnostics. Automation means maximal reduction of manual errors. The foodproof RoboPrep Fusion is the perfect combination of a precise liquid handling robot with an attached, and highly efficient DNA/RNA extraction system – the KingFisherTM Flex. The pipetting robot does the complete preparation of the sample material and the buffers required for the extraction. The separate gripper arm is capable to “feed” the KingFisherTM Flex for the extraction setup via an extended railway. The extraction is done with the foodproof Magnetic Preparation Kits using magnetic beads to extract highly purified DNA or RNA for direct use in real-time PCR applications, such as the foodproof detection and quantification kits. The purified nucleic acids are automatically moved back into the liquid handling system for subsequent PCR setup. Resulting PCR plates can be used directly in a real-time PCR cycler. All samples are tracked with an integrated barcode reader. The system facilitates comparability between remote sites for production and testing.

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  • Highly automated combination of liquid handling and DNA/RNA extraction
  • Up to 96 samples simultaneously
  • Efficient and reproducible
  • Reduces hands-on time to a minimum
  • Validated for many different food matrices, environmental samples, etc.
  • Integrated barcode reader for sample tracking
  • Order No.: D 250 00

All-In-One Solution
All-In-One Solution
KingFisher Flex
KingFisherTM Flex
Sample Deck
Sample Deck
8-tip Varispan Arm
8-tip VarispanTM arm
foodproof RoboPrep Fusion
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