foodproof® RoboPrep® X-Tract

– the perfect introduction to automated sample preparation

When it comes to the extraction of DNA for food testing, automation is key to greater efficiency and reproducibility. The foodproof® RoboPrep® X-Tract, part of the foodproof® RoboPrep® series, is the perfect system for introducing laboratory automation. Optimized for low to medium sample throughput in molecular biological analysis, the system is loaded only once with enough reagents for 96 DNA extractions and processes up to 12 samples simultaneously. When combined with the foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit I and foodproof® real-time PCR-based kits for pathogen detection (e.g. Salmonella), the foodproof® RoboPrep® X-Tract facilitates simple and safe food analyses.
The foodproof® RoboPrep® X-Tract uses the same magnetic beads principle as the foodproof® RoboPrep+ HT, thus ensuring full comparability. Due to the reduction of manual errors, the system also allows the comparison of results among different test laboratories. The foodproof® RoboPrep® X-Tract can be used in all areas of the food industry, where rapid tests for the detection of pathogens in low to medium throughput are performed.


  • Highly automated DNA extraction
  • 12 samples in 50 minutes
  • Reduced manual work steps
  • Reproducible results
  • Cost-effective consumables

Product No.: D 20XT HE

RoboPrep X-Tract: 12 channel technology
12 channel
RoboPrep X-Tract: Interface
RoboPrep X-Tract: Extraction run
Extraction run
Graph throughput foodproof RoboPrep X-Tract
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