foodproof® RoboSet+

– Automated liquid handling for small scale volumes

Automation of laboratory procedures means increasing speed and efficiency of work routines while reducing errors and labor cost. The foodproof® RoboSet+ liquid handling robot is designed to streamline laboratory workflows and increase productivity by automating the PCR setup. Using the system enables high precision and reproducibility of results in the food and feed sector and in environmental analysis. The foodproof® RoboSet+ is convenient and suitable for numerous liquid handling tasks, from simple liquid transfer to highly complex applications like multi master mix pipetting. It provides a safe pipetting performance through the use of tip detection, a liquid level sensing system and a hood interlock.
Due to its design as an open system the foodproof® RoboSet+ supports the integration between many systems within a work flow.


  • Automated high precision pipetting down to 1 μl
  • For PCR setup, normalization, multi dispensing, and other advanced liquid handling tasks
  • High reproducibility
  • Drag & drop programming
  • Large variety of racks, plates and tubes applicable

Product No.:

D 230 01 foodproof® RoboSet+
D 230 01 HE foodproof® RoboSet+ HE*

* Console with 2 drawers, UV-decontamination unit, PC/mouse/keyboard, 4 additional modules (plate rack, 96-well adapter, 8 well tube rack, waste rack)

RoboSet+: Compact Design
Compact Design
RoboSet+: Deck layout
Deck layout
RoboSet+: Pipetting head
Pipetting head
RoboSet+: Drag and Drop programming
Intuitive software