microproof® Software Suite

With a steadily increasing number of samples to perform, diagnostic laboratories are challenged to meet this demand while maintaining high quality standards. Automating processes is an important step forward to achieve maximal efficiency. The ideal robotic system must be robust, precise, user-friendly and able to perform complex processes.

The microproof® Software Suite provides an optimal solution for these requirements. It is composed of four modules:

The microproof® Diagnostic Interpreter allows fully automated results analysis for real-time PCR testing of food samples. The other three modules have been developed for automated clinical applications on the microproof® Robo+.

microproof® Diagnostic Interpreter

The microproof Diagnostic Interpreter is a software package which automates “positive / negative” calling of real-time PCR results using concurrent controls. Depending on individual requirements, data of various real-time PCR devices can be imported, evaluated and provided in a report to print or export (e.g. as an ASCII file).

Additional features include:

  • Integrated filter functions for customizing and presenting results
  • Free formatting of the final report
  • Multilingualism: English, German, French and Spanish
Screenshot microproof Diagnostic Interpreter: a graphic account of the real-time PCR data

A graphic account of the real-time PCR data

Compatible with:

  • Roche LightCycler® 480 II
  • Roche LightCycler® 96
  • ABI 7500 Series
  • Thermo Scientific PikoReal 24
  • Bio-Rad CFX

Product No.: D 201 04