microproof® Software Suite

With a steadily increasing number of samples to perform, diagnostic laboratories are challenged to meet this demand while maintaining high quality standards. Automating processes is an important step forward to achieve maximal efficiency. The ideal robotic system must be robust, precise, user-friendly and able to perform complex processes.

The microproof® Software Suite provides an optimal solution for these requirements. It is composed of four modules:

The microproof® Diagnostic Interpreter allows fully automated results analysis for real-time PCR testing of food samples. The other three modules have been developed for automated clinical applications on the microproof® Robo+.

microproof® PCR Setup Wizard

The microproof PCR Setup Wizard allows you to create a complex pipetting scheme on the microproof Robo+. Here, predetermined pipetting steps can be adjusted with respect to start and target position, volume, and pipetting procedure. The system optimizes the individual steps so they are performed quickly, efficiently and safely.

Additional features include:

  • Fully automated PCR setup: after loading and starting the robot, no further action is required
  • Comprehensive liquid handling: preparation of different master mixes of up to 100 components
  • Flexible layout: suitable for all popular formats: microtiter plates, tubes, strips, capillaries as well as customized assemblies
  • Various assays on a single plate: combined placement and processing of multiple parameters
  • Flexible task management: easily create and edit complex requirements
  • Simple sample management: import and edit sample IDs
Screenshot microproof PCR Setup Wizard: editor for creation of custom PCR setups

Editor for creation of custom PCR setups

Compatible with:

  • microproof® Robo+
  • foodproof® RoboPrep+ HT

Product No.: D 201 01