Real-time PCR Cycler

In cooperation with leading manufacturers, BIOTECON Diagnostics offers real-time PCR cyclers designed and validated for use with the foodproof® Kits, foodproof® SL Kits and microproof® real-time PCR Kits. Additionally, the equipment and software installations, including application training, are conducted by our knowledgeable staff. We offer matching consumables for all equipment. Detailed validation has been performed for all equipment, devices and consumables offered by BIOTECON Diagnostics.

Overview real-time PCR cycler
Overview features real-time PCR cycler

The availability of the cycler can be restricted for individual countries and markets (please inquire).

Roche LightCycler® 96

The LightCycler® 96 is a real-time PCR cycler for medium sample throughput. The cycler has 4 detection channels, which detect hydrolysis (5’Nuclease / TaqMan) probes either as single color or multiplex samples. It offers fast and accurate analysis that impresses with its intuitive and user-friendly software.

Roche LightCycler 96


Throughput: 96 samples per run
Reaction volume: 10 – 50 µl (96 Well)
Detection: 4 channels for excitation and emission

Product No.: D 100 13