Additional Components

Here you will find additional reagents and components which complement foodproof® und microproof® kits.

microproof® Suspension Buffer

For the preparation of a suspension of bacterial colonies or pure cultures, which can be used directly in PCR. Ideal for colony confirmation via PCR of e.g. Legionella or Salmonella (S. Enteritidis, S. Typhimurium), or for serogroup determination of STEC colonies.


  • A single bacterial colony is picked from the plate (e.g. agar plate, air sampler, RODAC plate) with a sterile tool (inoculation needle, toothpick or similar) and transferred to a reaction vessel containing the suspension buffer.
  • The sample is mixed by vortexing for a few seconds.
  • The suspension can be used directly for PCR.


  • Very simple and rapid method for the confirmation of bacterial colonies via PCR.
  • Successfully validated with thousands of bacterial colonies.
  • A high-throughput protocol is available.
  • Reliable confirmation of Legionella colonies from agar plates according to ISO 11731:2019.
  • The bacteria in the suspension can be recultivated.

BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit
  • 40 ml
  • Product No.: S 400 10