Additional Components

Here you will find additional reagents and components which complement foodproof® und microproof® kits.

microproof® Suspension Buffer

The suspension buffer is designed for very rapid lysis of cells obtained from bacterial colonies growing on agar plates (or similar substances) to obtain PCR quality DNA.


  • Cells are obtained from a single bacterial colony (colony is picked) present on a plate (e.g. agar plate, air sampler, RODAC plate, etc.) and transferred to an Eppendorf tube containing the suspension buffer.
  • The sample is mixed by vortexing for a few seconds.
  • The DNA is now free and can be used directly for PCR.


  • Very simple and rapid method for DNA extraction from bacterial colonies.
  • Successfully validated with thousands of bacterial colonies from the hygiene monitoring samples.

BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit
  • Reactions: 800
  • Product No.: S 400 10