Real-time PCR Kits

The foodproof® detection and quantification kits developed and produced by BIOTECON Diagnostics allow fast, simple and reliable detection of pathogens, spoilage organisms, allergens, genetically modified plants and viruses in a variety of samples, such as fruit juices, beer, chocolate, baby food, spices or meat. Our analyses are based on real-time PCR, a simple and proven solution for the reliable detection of genetic information (nucleic acids). The high quality of our foodproof® products has repeatedly been validated and confirmed by independent institutes such as AOAC, NordVal and MicroVal.

  • Fast – Detection by real-time PCR in a few hours
  • Easy – Simple implementation and user-friendly handling
  • Specific – Accurate results for target organisms
  • Sensitive – Safe detection of even the smallest quantities
  • Safe – Validated systems, confirmation of results with included controls

For nucleic acid extraction, we offer optimized and validated foodproof® Sample Preparation Kits compatible with every foodproof® real-time PCR kit.

The foodproof® detection, screening and quantification kits are available for: