Foodborne Pathogens

A pathogen is a synonym for a disease-causing microorganism. Food pathogens represent a special form of microbial pathogens, which are picked up and spread through food.
Below a number of pathogens are listed, for which BIOTECON Diagnostics offers suitable foodproof® DNA extraction and real-time PCR detection kits. Many of the pathogen kits have been certified by recognized institutions such as AOAC-RI, MicroVal or NordVal (see licensing options / validations), and thus independently tested for quality and safety.

foodproof® Campylobacter Detection Kit

Using the foodproof Campylobacter Detection Kit, Campylobacter species, including C. jejuni, C. coli, C. lari, C. upsaliensis, C. hyointestinalis and C. fetus are detected. Additionally, the species C. coli, C. jejuni and C. fetus can be identified by melting curve analysis.
Campylobacter are corkscrew-shaped, Gram-negative bacteria. They are often found on raw poultry. Campylobacter jejuni is the most common bacterial cause of gastroenteritis. Infection may even cause nerve damage, such as the autoimmune disorder Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS).

BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit

Available Platforms:

LightCycler 1.x
  • Reactions: 96
  • Product No.: R 310 05
LightCycler 2.0
  • Reactions: 96
  • Product No.: R 310 05
LightCycler 480
  • Reactions: 96
  • Product No.: R 310 05


  • Campylobacter spp.
  • For all kind of food.