Foodborne viruses can cause various, sometimes serious conditions. Contamination of foods is usually through infected persons or contaminated waste water. Viruses can not reproduce on food, but small amounts of residing viruses may be sufficient to cause infection.
The standard method for virus detection in food is PCR. BIOTECON Diagnostics offers a norovirus real-time PCR kit specifically for the investigation of food.

foodproof® Norovirus Detection Kit (GI, GII)

The foodproof Norovirus Detection Kit (GI, GII) quickly and reliably detects noroviruses of genogroups GI and GII in food and drinking water samples by real-time PCR.
Noroviruses are considered to be the main agent for gastrointestinal diseases in humans worldwide. Of the five known only genogroups GI and GII are pathogenic to humans. The most common infecting norovirus is genogroup II genotype 4 (GII.4). Infection may be direct from person to person or indirect, such as through contaminated food. Though extremely stable viruses, they can become inactivated during cooking. Outbreaks are frequently observed in community facilities, such as commercial kitchens and school cafeterias.

BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit

Available Platforms:

LightCycler 480
  • Reactions: 64
  • Product No.: R 302 38.1

  • Reactions: 64
  • Product No.: R 302 38.1


  • GI
  • GII
  • MS2-Phage (process control)

  • Fruits, berries, shellfish (incl. pacific oysters, mussels), minced meat, drinking water