Sample Preparation Kits

For use with our PCR rapid detection systems, BIOTECON Diagnostics has developed fast and easy-to-use DNA extraction kits. The foodproof® ShortPrep, StarPrep, Sample Preparation and Magnetic Preparation Kits conveniently assist you in efficiently working with all types of sample matrices, including difficult complex samples.

foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit II

The Magnetic Preparation Kit II is designed for automated DNA extraction from enriched food samples of Gram-positive bacteria (e.g. Listeria spp.).


  • Cells are lysed with the Magnetic Preparation Kit II lysis buffer.
  • Extracted DNA is bound to magnetic beads, and washed to remove proteins and other cellular contaminants.
  • Purified DNA is then eluted from the magnetic beads and is ready to use.


  • Innovative magnetic bead technology for the isolation of highly purified DNA
  • Optimized and validated for a wide range of food matrices, animal feed and environmental samples
  • Validated in combination with devices from the foodproof RoboPrep Series
BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit
  • Reactions: 480
  • Product No.: S 400 12 L