Sample Preparation Kits

For use with our PCR rapid detection systems, BIOTECON Diagnostics has developed fast and easy-to-use DNA extraction kits. The foodproof® ShortPrep, StarPrep, Sample Preparation and Magnetic Preparation Kits conveniently assist you in efficiently working with all types of sample matrices, including difficult complex samples.

foodproof® Magnetic Preparation Kit III

The Magnetic Preparation Kit III is designed for automated plant and animal DNA extraction from food samples using magnetic beads. DNA is then ideal for qualitative and quantitative testing of genetically modified organisms, allergens, and species identification.


  • Cells are lysed with the Magnetic Preparation Kit III lysis buffer
  • Extracted DNA is bound to magnetic beads, and washed to remove proteins and other cellular contaminants
  • Purified DNA is then eluted from the magnetic beads and is ready to use


  • Innovative magnetic bead technology for the isolation of highly purified DNA
  • Optimized and validated for the detection of GMOs, allergens and animal species
  • Validated in combination with the KingFisherTM Flex extraction robot
BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit
  • Reactions: 480
  • Product No.: S 400 13.2 L