Sample Preparation Kits

For use with our PCR rapid detection systems, BIOTECON Diagnostics has developed fast and easy-to-use DNA extraction kits. The foodproof® ShortPrep, StarPrep, Sample Preparation and Magnetic Preparation Kits conveniently assist you in efficiently working with all types of sample matrices, including difficult complex samples.

foodproof® Sample Preparation Kit IV

The foodproof Sample Preparation Kit IV is optimized for the isolation and purification of viral DNA and RNA from various food and water samples.


  • The foodproof Sample Preparation Kit IV lysis buffer extracts the DNA / RNA out of virus particles.
  • Absolute ethanol removes the hydration shell from nucleic acids.
  • DNA / RNA is than bound to the glass fibers of pre-packed filter tubes.
  • With the wash buffer I and II DNA / RNA will be cleaned and purified.
  • At the final step DNA / RNA is recovered using the elution buffer and stabilized by a ribonuclease inhibitor.


  • Isolation of purified viral DNA / RNA.
  • The DNA / RNA is suitable for all qualitative and quantitative applications on many real-time PCR devices.
  • Variable sample-extraction volumes up to 500 ┬Ál.
  • Designed and validated for many food matrices, including some with inhibitors (e.g. soft fruits and mussels).
BIOTECON Diagnostics Kit
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  • Product No.: S 400 16