Special Offer 2018

– November 19, 2018 –

The RoboPrep® 32 is the newest member of the foodproof RoboPrep series.
The easy-to-use and robust instrument enables automatic and efficient DNA extraction of up to 32 samples. Due to the advanced magnetic bead technology the DNA is ultra-pure and can directly be used in foodproof real-time PCR kits to detect gram-negative bacteria, control the possible GMO content of plants or detect allergens.

Offer: 15,990 € including 1-year warranty extension, Magnetic Preparation Kit I (S 400 11 L ) or III (S 400 13.1 L) and consumables for 480 reactions.
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The PikoRealTM 24 PCR cycler with its exceptionally small footprint fits into every lab. The light and quiet 24-well instrument is ideal for low and medium sample throughput.
Equipped with 5 detection channels, the PikoRealTM can be used with most real-time PCR kits from BIOTECON Diagnostics.
The user-friendly software allows easy evaluation of amplification curves. In addition, it offers advanced modules for absolute and relative quantification as well as melting curve analysis.

Offer: 19,900 € including 1 year warranty and BIOTECON Diagnostics test kits (free of choice) amounting to 12,500 €.
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