Food testing more relevant than ever!

– November 19, 2019 –

In light of the fairly recent Listeria outbreak in northern Hesse, where the consumption of bacteria-laden sausages from a manufacturer resulted in three deaths and a large number of patients falling sick, we reflect on the devastating consequences such an unfortunate incident can have on both the consumer and the producer alike. Ultimately, it’s the consumers who bear the brunt of what went wrong but more often than not companies rarely escape unscathed either. In this particular case, the manufacturer ran a worldwide recall of all its products and then filed for insolvency. This coincided with other recent outbreaks like in the Netherlands where Listeria was also found in meat products, which again resulted in several deaths and many people infected and in Lower Saxony, where Listeria was also discovered in meatballs.

Listeriosis is a serious disease caused by the bacterium called Listeria monocytogenes. This harmful bacteria, which is mainly found in raw meats and unprocessed products, is especially pathogenic to high-risk populations, including, pregnant women, newborns, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems. Because L. monocytogenes is so widespread, it is important for food-processing operations to run the right checks. Every effort should be made to prevent contamination by L. monocytogenes in raw, unprocessed foods, in soft-ripened cheeses and under pasteurized milk products but also recontamination in precooked meat and poultry.

Staying on the safe side and having the right safety quality checks in place should be a priority for all food and beverage companies as profit is directly linked to brand trust and loyalty. At BIOTECON Diagnostics, we ensure your products and reputation remain protected and fully intact. Our proven real-time PCR methods are among the industry best and offer the following benefits:

  • Safety: Our NordVal/AOAC-RI validated foodproof L. monocytogenes Detection Kit has been tested on numerous matrices (not only meat but also processed foods etc.)
  • With our foodproof Listeria plus L. monocytogenes Detection LyoKit you can differentiate L. monocytogenes from all food-relevant Listeria species in one reaction.
  • Speed: Results within 24 h are possible for most matrices
  • Ease / convenience: Our methods are simple and easy to learn, for example during our workshops

We offer workshops on a regular basis to allow laboratory employees from the food and beverage industry as well as from government and private laboratories to meet our food safety experts.

Most importantly, the fundamental message we like to convey is that food testing has never been more relevant than it is today. With the right systems in place and training sessions available to detect such life-threatening pathogens like Listeria, we can help save lives — ultimately resulting in greater customer satisfaction and more fruitful economic outlooks for companies.